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State Guidelines define Pest Control and Termite Control into two separate categories.

To prepare for most  insect applications, we encourage our clients to do the following before our arrival...                                                              
1) Remove all loose items away from 
     baseboards and the perimeter of the
     house, such as...clothing, toys, papers,
     food & water bowls, dog bones.

2) Do not water lawn AT LEAST 2 hours  
      before & after application. 

3) Wear protective footwear until dry.

4) People & Pets should avoid chemical 
      untill dry.

5) Have as few people in & around the house
      as possible.  

 Additional preparations may be required...
                    - Please Ask! -



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( CLICK HERE- For Pictures & Educational Information on a particular pest. )

*  = Pest covered by our GENERAL APPLICATION (GA)

**  = Pest covered by GA if found in Treated Areas: 

         Most Crawling Insects, as well as:

 - Ants**, Including: Fire, Pavement, Field, Odorus, Pharaoh, Carpenter Ants,etc.

- Beetles *

- Centipedes, Crickets*

- Earwigs*

- Fleas

- Millipedes, Moths - Grain & Clothes

- Pillbugs* ( Rolly Poly )

- Roaches - German, Oriental*, American*(a.k.a. Waterbug*), Pennsylvanian*,etc.

- Rodents ( DIY ONLY )

- Silverfish** Spiders** - Wolf*, Black Widow, Web & Non-Web Snaring 

- Termites (see TERMITE Page) 

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TREATMENT PROGRAMS :               
We offer:


- ANNUAL TREATMENTS: We believe every homeowner, including Do-It-Yourselfers, should be professionally serviced at least once a year.The benefits are that we can kill off insects that may be resistant to what your using.

Our Programs normally include: A General Application with a Standard Written Conditional Warranty. While at your home we are also looking for other pest that may have invaded your home.

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This is our most popular service. It is designed to control the majority of Crawling Insects that invade your home. These pest frequent the APPLIED AREAS around the OUTSIDE PERIMETER of the home as well as the INSIDE BASEBOARDS and GARAGE BASEBOARD areas. The application involves the introduction of Granules and a Wet Spray on the outside perimeter of the house covering popular entry areas such as Door & Window Seals as well as Weep Holes. A fine spray is applied onto SELECT crevice areas of the inside baseboards. The reason for wet sprays is that they offer quicker results over baits.

Chemicals we use for this Treatment are LOW ODOR. They are applied in strengths & dosages that are fatal for INSECTS ONLY and are SAFE FOR HUMANS UPON DRYING. In fact, the toxic levels in all chemicals used by us are classified under a CAUTION rating...the same as Boric Acid.

Pest Covered Under This Application are:
American Cockroach ( a.k.a. Waterbugs ), Certain Ants* (*If Found ONLY in the above defined GA treatment areas!), Centipedes, Millipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Pillbugs (Roly Poly), Scorpions ( yard spray additional for severe infestations ), Silverfish (as found in applied defined areas), Non Web-Snaring such as WOLF SPIDERS.
Pest Not Covered under this Application are:
German Roaches, Certain Ants* (See ANTS Section),  Flying Insects, Web-Snaring Spiders,Rodents or Termites, and insects not frequenting applied areas.  

- Prices for this service start at $55+tax .
- Comes with a 45 day option Conditional Warranty.

- Prices may change..... Please call for a FREE QUOTE!


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                     Field Ant                    Fire Ant                  Odorus Ant            Pavement Ant          Pharaoh Ant
                                                                                                                                              (Greatly Enlarged)

A General Application Treatment will kill ants that frequent the defined applied areas, however, if Ants are seen in areas NOT APPLIED, such as roof area, kitchen counter tops or coming out of plumbing or electrical fixtures, then their entry and/or habits are preventing them from being exposed to this treatment. When this scenario occurs, we use specialized pesticides and treatment techniques to accomplish a control.

If your not sure what type of Ant you may have CLICK HERE
for help. 

Prices and Warranty periods Vary with this service, however, , Apart from Carpenter Ants....Prices begin at $80.

Prices may change...Please call Free Quote.

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Carpenter Ants ( see picture below ) are a Wood Destroying Insect and are normally larger than regular ants. They do not eat wood but "Tunnel" into it to form their nest. Their nest can be found just about any where around your home and embedded within its wooden members. More common areas of infestations can be found inside windows and door frames. In many cases, due to their tunneling, slivers of wood are thrown out of "kick holes" and appear as piles of sawdust found on window sills and/or floors. A General Application does not control Carpenter Ants very well because they like to live and forage above ground. We apply special techniques and pesticides for these ants to areas we know they can occupy, forage, and /or traverse. Carpenter Ant infestations can be very dimensional. We strongly recommend your not treating them yourself, because if missed, they will likely move to another area of your house that may be more difficult to treat and begin new damage to that area.

Prices for Carpenter Ant Treatments vary due to many factors. 

Warranty may range from one time to 180 days.

                                         RED & BLACK CARPENTER ANT - VS -        Fire Ant
                                                                        -Note Body Configuration-  

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There are several varieties of fleas, however, the Cat Flea is probably the most popular. A Cat Flea gets its name because their suckers resemble that of a cats whisker ( see picture below ). They are, however, both your cat and dogs main flea problem. They can find your pets by several means of migration. The most common is through other dogs and cats, however, rats, birds, squirrels and humans, can also be carriers. We use special pesticides and techniques to rid you and your animal of these parasites.

Prices for this service generally range between $90 to $350*+ Tax.

We offer one time to 120 day warranties.

Please call for a free estimate.

                                                      A CAT FLEA AS SEEN UNDER AN ELECTRON MICROSCOPE

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ROACHES...American vs German:

The first thing we must do is determine if you have German, or,  American Roaches ( see pictures below ).

The problem is that due to their characteristics, German Roaches require specialized pesticides and treatment procedures that we utilize to obtain a control; whereas, a standard General Application can control American Roaches (a.k.a. Waterbugs).

 German Roaches are smaller than American and commonly found in Kitchens & Bathrooms and reside inside cabinets and drawers and on top of counter tops. American Roaches are bigger and commonly found on floors. They do not carry their eggs like German Roaches do. 

Prices for a German Roach treatment  begin at $85+tax. 

A 45/90 day option warranty is issued. Please for a Free Quote.

              Adult Female German Roach                                  Adult Male German...Note Black      
... Note Attached EGG Sack                           Bars behind the head area. 
              at end of body.                                                       ( not present on American Roches(below) 
              (American Roaches (Below) do not                                           
               have such egg sacks.)      

         Young American Roaches. They may appear             Adult American Roach. with Young 
         like German Roach,however, no black bars or            and Dropped Egg Sack. 
         or attached Egg Sack.  
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